Medical accident appraisal


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Medical accident appraisal

The work of the medical accident appraisal committee

1. Investigation of facts necessary for mediation or arbitration of medical disputes
2. Identification of negligence and causal relationships involving medical treatment
3. Confirmation of occurrence of failure
4. Appraisal of a medical accident commissioned by another agency

Qualifications of medical accident appraisers

1. Persons who have passed 2 years or more after acquiring a doctor's specialty for 2 years or longer. Persons who have passed 6 years or more after acquiring license as a dentist or a medical doctor for 6 years
2. Persons who have passed 4 or more years after obtaining lawyer certification
3. Persons who have passed five years or more after obtaining the qualification or license equivalent to No. 1 or No. 2 from a foreign country recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare
4. Those who have been recommended by a nonprofit civil society organization pursuant to Article 2 of the Nonprofit Private Organization Support Act and who have engaged in a field related to consumer interests for more than 5 years

Appraisal procedure

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1) Confirm the points of both sides
2) Request to submit data (medical record, video, medical certificate, etc.)
3) Medical Accident Investigation (Review of submitted data and confirmation of statement, request for a call when necessary, field survey, etc.)
4) Composition of the appraisal committee: 2 medical personnel, legal personnel (lawyer 1, inspection 1), consumer rights commissioner
5) Proceed with consultation if necessary (consultation with advisory committee of subdivision department)
6) Inspection government meeting (5 judges of each field discuss the results of appraisal)
7) Writing a report (a standing committee member is based on the result of the inspection meeting)
8) Forward to the appraisers and copy of the report
- Exclude the list of appraisal committee members (Relevant ground: Article 8 of the Enforcement Rules)

Appraisal processing period

From the day the mediation process is initiated (can be extended within 30 days)