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한국의료분쟁조정중재원 박국수 원장

It is my honor to extend my greeting to you. 

I am the president of Korea medical dispute mediation arbitration agency(K-medi), Park kook-soo.

These days, due to generalization of medical service, diversification and aging population, there have been many disputes in regard of medical malpractice

However, seeing as how medical field is professional area, it is very difficult to prove the causes of malpractice, causation and negligency. Therefore, both of patients and healthcare providers have suffered from them a long time

To thoroughly resolve aforementioned issue, the first legislation was introduced in 1988 after much discussing them. After experiencing many ups and downs, Act on remedies for injuries from medical malpractice and mediation of medical disputes has finally been established in 2011. After years of preparation, the Korea medical dispute mediation and arbitration agency (K-medi) has been established in April.2011.

As the act has recently been revised applying to the medical malpractice that caused death or coma conditions over one month or first rating disorder, the mediation automatically began. It will be good for both of patients and healthcare providers.

We, all of the K-medi staffs including me, will make an effort to resolve medical malpractice cases fairly and rationally for both patients and healthcare providers and have them recover from issues caused by medical malpractice. 

Furthermore, we will make an effort to establish the system of trusty medical dispute mediation and arbitration through correct and kind counselling, professional and objective investigation and fair and rational mediation.

Are you suffering from issues caused by medical malpractice? Please visit our K-medi. We will be your reliable supporter. 

Thank you.


President of Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency

Park Kook Soo

Brief history

  • 2011.7 ~ 2014.7 Vice Chairman of the 3rd National Bioethics Committee
  • 2009.2 ~ 2010.2 Director of Justice Training
  • 2006.8 ~ 2009.2 The 11th President of Patent Court
  • 2005 ~ 2006 Head of Jeonju District Court, Southern District Court of Seoul
  • 1997 ~ 2005 Chief Judge at Gwangju High Court, Seoul High Court, Busan High Court
  • 2001.8 ~ 2003.8 Chief Judge at Supreme Court of the Seoul High Court
  • 1995 ~ 1997 Media Arbitration Committee Arbitrator
  • 1989 Supreme Court Justice Researcher
  • 1978 ~ 1989 Seoul Civil District Court, Jeonju District Court Gunsan support, Suwon District Court Judge