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Fee Information

  • The Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency collects related fees from the applicant for mediation expenses when the applicant applies for mediation or arbitration.
  • The Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency is a government-sponsored institution, but provides professional services including fact-finding and professional appraisal in order to reduce the time and economic burden compared to judicial and legal settlements.
  • In this regard, we operate under a commission system that is proportional to the amount claimed in damages, starting at the basic 22,000 won for basic expenses such as appraisal and mediation meetings and service delivery.

Mediation · Arbitration fee

Mediation, Arbitration fee
Mediation · Arbitration Application fee Fee Fee Reduction
5 million won or less: 22,000 won ※ Disabled people ※ Disabled people
Grade 1 to 3: 50%
Grade 4 to 6: 30%

※ exemption
① Recipients of basic living assistance
② Persons with national merit, and their bereaved family/family: Exemption
· Veterans of the war shall be exempted from fees only for themselves.
· About honor and support of national merit
In accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Act, persons with national merit, as well as their bereaved families, must be registered.
※ Attached documents: Copy of certificate of national merit (survivor), original certificate of national merit (survivor)
More than 5 million won:
Less than 50 million won:
22,000 won
+ (20 won added per 10,000 won over 5 million won)
Over KRW 50 million: KRW 22,000
+ (20 won added for every 10,000 won exceeding 5 million won)

+ (10 won added for every 10,000 won exceeding 50 million won)

Example of fee

Example of fee
Mediation · Arbitration application amount: 1 million won 5 million won 10 million won 50 million won 100 million won 300 million won
Fee 22,000 22,000 32,000 112,000 162,000 362,000

Refund of commission

Refund of commission
Refund Reason (Refund)
If application is dismissed The full amount of the payment fee
If the Complainant has filed a petition and dismissed it The full amount of the payment fee
Under Article 27 (7) of the Act No refund
Application withdrawal Half of payment fee
If the incident applied is rejected under Article 27 Clause 7 of the Act
When the applicant fails to investigate and fails to attend more than 2 times
When the Complainant has acted in accordance with Article 12 (2) of the Medical Law or Article 314, Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Act (such as medical institution occupation, property destruction or damage
When a petition is filed after an application for mediation