Application for mediation


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Application for mediation


After applying online, additional documents should be sent to the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency.

1.본인인증 2.조정신청서 및 의료사고 피해경위서 작성 3.신청서 제출 4.서류검토(접수팀) 5.서류승인 및 수수료 납부 6.수수료 납부확인 및 접수완료

Identity verification
Authenticate yourself via your mobile phone or i-pin
Complete the application form and medical accident report
Fill out the form for mediation and the damage record (attached sheet).
Submit an application
After submitting the application online, additional documents will be sent to the Korean Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency (by mail, fax, or direct contact) If additional documents are not received, the application will not be processed normally .
Document review (Reception team)
Confirmation of online application contents and need for additional documents
Document approval and payment of fees
If all documents are found to be valid, payment of the fee Confirmation of payment and receipt of fee After confirming the payment of the fee, proceed with the mediation procedure Completion of application form Identity verification Applicant selection / use of personal information agreement Mediation application form / separate sheet
Application completed