Claims for Payments damages


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Claims for Payments damages


  • If you have not made the advances for damages, you will be obliged to pay the full amount of the damages to the medical dispute mediation and arbitration agency within 15 days without delay.
  • If the medical institution does not file a medical treatment claim due to the closure of business, etc., the medical dispute mediation and arbitration agency will forward it to the defendant.

Repayment method

  • In accordance with the application of the defendant, you can pay in installments within 12 months. However, if the approved repayment amount goes unpaid more than three times without justifiable reason, the approval of the installment payment shall be canceled.
  • In the case of installment payment, the total amount of interest paid during the installment payment period shall be accumulated, divided by the repayment period (the number of months), and paid in monthly installments.

Repayment amount

  • Amount of advances for damages (5% per year)
  • Litigation and other procedural expenses