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Outline of the system

Prompt relief of victims of medical accidents
Reducing the financial burden of healthcare institutions and creating a stable working environment for healthcare professionals

What are payments for damages?

If a victim of a medical accident fails to receive compensation from a claimant for damages which have been settled by a court decision, the compensation will be paid first by the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency and then request payment from the claimant.

Mediation Decision of the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, Mediation Decision, Arbitration Decision
Mediation Record of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee of the Korea Consumer Agency
Decision on court medical dispute
Application criteria
This applies to claims, closed for the first time after April 8, 2012, for damages for medical accidents caused by medical treatment.
The compensation for, arbitration of, and files for litigation costs and delinquent fees other than payments for damages confirmed as being not received from the claimant are excluded from the claim.
※ Delay interest in a court judgment refers to the portion which was accrued from the day on which the ruling was confirmed.
When to claim
It is possible to claim the payments for damages after the payment date specified in the mediation order, mediation decision, and the arbitration ruling/judgment.
Claimant eligibility
Creditor or agent specified in the arbitration
  • Agent qualification: The legal representative of the applicant, the spouse, the lineal ascendant or descendant, the sibling, or the person who has been given proxy in writing from the applicant

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